Se devi amarmi, per null’altro sia se non che per amore; non dire mai: “L’amo per il sorriso, per lo sguardo, la gentilezza del parlare, il modo di pensare conforme al mio, che mi rese sereno un giorno”. Queste son tutte cose che posson mutare, Amato, in sé o per te, e un amore così sorto potrebbe poi morire. E non amarmi per pietà di lacrime che bagnino il mio volto. Può scordare il pianto chi ebbe a lungo il tuo conforto, e perderti. Soltanto per amore amami – e sempre, per l’eternità.

If you must love me, for nothing else but for love; never say: "I love for the smile, for the look, the kindness of speaking, the way of thinking that conforms to mine, which made me peaceful one day". These are all things that can change, Beloved, in yourself or for you, and a so risen love could then die. And do not love me for pity of tears that wet my face. May forget the weeping who long had your comfort, and lose you. Only for love, love me - and always, for eternity.

"Michael Leonard was born in Paris, France, 1960.
From 1968 he attended, the well known free," Summerhill school" in England until 1971 to continue his schooling in England.
While there, he taught himself to play the piano by ear from listening to music on the radio 1973-1980.
He went to art school to become a graphic artist and later a teacher of English to foreing students.
Michael has now been living in Casablanca Morocco... since 1997, where he composes his music.
His Father Herman Leonard was born in Pennsylvania USA to become internationally renowned and recognized photographer by his Black and White smoky-Jazz photographs of musicians like Miles Davies, Billy Holiday, Dexter Gordon etc..
His mother of Algerian Nationality, born in Casablanca a beautifully well-respected of Algerian Nationality, by many well-known actors, artists, writers, singers, painters, authors, including members of the Moroccan royal family."


released June 26, 2018


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